BATTO is a system that allows the dissemination of information by close proximity through the use of mobile phone the user based on the Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)technology.

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Possible uses of Batto

  • Guided outdoor/indoor
  • Accessibility for the disabled
  • Location of places of interest
  • Tourism campaigns
  • Promotion of cultural activities
  • Multimedia information
  • Detection of public transport

Product features

  • Dissemination of information by proximity, by sending customized notifications to mobile devices
  • Sending notifications with multimedia content: text, photo gallery, videos, audios...
  • Contextualization by location, sex, age, date, time, day of the week
  • Analytical based on the information generated by the user
  • Integration with Social Networks
  • Possibility of use in outdoor and indoor environments
  • Technology Bluetooth Low Energy

Batto is ready for dissemination of content by proximity for the following environments:

Batto system consists of the following elements:

Beacons BLE (emitters of content following the standard iBeacon), allowing to delimit the scope of the notification.

Baliza Batto

Beacons and notifications manager. Batto offers our customers, a Notification Manager that gives the possibility of constructing simple content to be used for the dissemination of information by proximity.

Mobile application where end users receive information

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