The Gamification consists of applying techniques learned from games to retain users, motivate them and make your commitment.

We provide a comprehensive service of Gamification: consulting, application development and training, relying on a proprietary platform: Gamileku.

Using the Gamification can encourage users to perform actions such as:

  • Visit a website and perform a series of specific actions: sign up, buy
  • Interact and spread in social networks
  • Viewing videos
  • Answer surveys
  • Recommend to friends

The possibilities of applying Gamification in the business environment open for us a wide range of fields of application:

  • Teams of human resources
  • Innovation
  • Commercial
  • Quality
  • Training
  • Finance
  • Promote social participation
  • Reputation
  • Recognition of skills

Gamification consulting

Our gamification consulting services follow a methodology that is summarized in four steps to be executed in a cyclic manner.

Set objectives

The first step is defining the objectives to achieve by our clients. The gamification consulting will help us to understand what we want to achieve with the gamification in our business. Therefore, the task is to specify potential targets to direct our efforts and resources to achieve success.

Identify users

In our gamification consulting, it is necessary to know who will be the participants, since not everyone has the same motivations and interests. It is not the same having a business aimed at teenagers or to middle-aged people. The resulting design of the gamification consulting must be centered in the participants.

Understand the motivations of the users

Human needs are very diverse. Gamification consulting aims to create an experience that fosters a certain behaviour through the observance .

Extrinsic motivation is identified with the prizes or rewards that we get to perform certain actions.

Intrinsic motivation is identified with the social recognition, with the fact of feeling part of a group and improve our status.

Define game mechanics and rewards

The game mechanics which engage players will be defined at this stage of the consulting.

It is important to define a strategy that engages the player, so it is necessary to explain the basics of the game at the beginning, so players can deal with sufficient information, and can encourage to play to reach satisfaction.

Learn more about our methodology of gamification consulting.

Gamificated application development

We develop gamificated applications and integrate gamification in already existing systems and applications.

We can develop your application in any technological environment (J2EE,. NET, web portals, mobile apps, etc.).

Thanks to our platform of gamification Gamileku we have a base engine with features that can be implemented in a non-intrusive manner in different projects and applications.

Gamification training

We do workshops in which we teach methodologies and tools to companies and people who want to design or implement their own strategies of gamification. We have a portfolio of 3 standard training workshops in gamification:

  • Basic workshop: Introduction to the gamification
  • Advanced Workshop: Methodology of gamification
  • Technical workshop: Use of gamification platform

We are also speakers in events related to the gamification.

Learn about our workshops of gamification.

Success stories of Gamification

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