Integral Management Policy

ISO 9001: Commitment to quality in our processes and services

Committed to the execution of our projects and services according to standards of quality and continuous improvement. We offer our customers our Quality Department to realize the tasks of monitoring and control of your projects, ensuring the satisfaction of their needs, requirements and expectations.

ISO 14001: Commitment with the resources and the protection of our environment

Our commitment with environmental protection; not only inside Deusto Seidor, but also in customers where our staff is displaced, complying with good environmental practices established (control of waste and savings in resources).

ISO 20000: Commitment with attention to users

We guarantee an effective management and implementation of support services to users in projects that require a close, professional and operative service.

ISO 27001: Commitment to the security of information and confidentiality

Ensure values of information security and confidentiality both internally and for our customers, fulfilling the legality and offering solutions for systems improvement.

CMMI: Commitment to quality in our software projects

We guarantee the development of software projects is following the model of CMMI at their level 2 maturity of the Software Engineering Institute, certified by Tecnalia.

Deusto Seidor, committed to the equality of women and men

Deusto Seidor is committed to develop and implement an Equality Plan for personnel at your service, understanding by this Plan, an ordered set of temporary measures, – adopted after having made a diagnosis of the situation – and aimed to reach a climate that is conducive to and promote equal treatment and opportunities between men and women in our company.

We understand that the preparation and monitoring of the Plan must count on participation, information and consultation of the staff of Deusto Seidor through their legal representatives or directly via the mechanisms provided in the Quality Department, whose Director will be responsible for the same. Our Equality Plan sets specific objectives of equality to reach, strategies and practices to adopt to achieve, as well as the establishment of effective systems for monitoring and evaluation of the objectives.

The Equality Plan is integrated in the Strategic Plan of the company and therefore Management undertakes for its part to facilitate all the human and material resources which are needed in order that the purpose of this Plan is practical and effective.

Signed: Enrike Rico San Vicente
Managing Director