Holographic Informatic System

Platform of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality that allows the display of holograms through mobile devices and smartglasses.

Qualis Interfaz

Possible uses of QUALIS

  • Remote support for industrial maintenance operations.
  • Visualization of quality defects indicated on the manufactured producto.
  • Holographic information in the tourism sector.


  • Hands-Free.
  • Inmediateness Information needed at the right time and in real time.
  •  Specialized assistance Decrease in the need for an excessive operator specialization.
  • Training: Training module in order to improve staff training.
  • Efficiency: Increase in efficiency due to time saving and reduction of personnel costs.
Qualis Tablet


  • Increase visitor / client satisfaction.
  • It generates new sources of income.
  • Social Media. Your customers become your best sellers.
  • It detects habits and preferences.
  • Multi-language.