Contextual System to Support Industry 4.

SCSI is a system to support manufacturing operations in assembly lines or maintenance operations based on contextual information services.

SCSI is a contextual information system that supports workers in assembly lines of manufactured products on demand. With tracking and location electronic devices this solution identifies: workstations or workplaces with operations to be performed and products with individual characteristics or variants due to customer specific needs.

gráfico scsi

When a product identified by the system reaches the working area of a specific worker, the system displays automatically and dynamically on a mobile device the contextualized information and the specifications that should be assembled on that particular product. It could include information on job security, technical descriptions and instructions, demonstration videos, etc.

With regard to support maintenance of industrial machinery, SCSI also incorporates devices of identification to each of the machines of the assembly line. Like this, you can collect and store documentation associated with the machine in a simple way and any other information regarding maintenance operations (history, planning, and register).

Cofinanced project by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and the European Fund of Regional Development EFRD.

Id Number: TSI-100110-2016-10


  • Deusto Seidor


  • DS LABS, A.I.E.
ministerio de industria, energía y turismo
fondo europeo de desarrollo regional