Deusto Sistemas is responsible for ensuring the security of the organization through the application of a set of standards, procedures and tools, that have as objective to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality, as well as the proper use of the information that the organization has in its suite of information systems, both for active physicists as personal.

Unauthorized or malicious access to the computer systems of the organization can cause big problems to it, such as loss of data, loss of credibility, economic sanctions, etc.

Through the audit of information security that Deusto Sistemas offer to organizations are established a series of regulations to minimize risks to information and personal and computer infrastructure that they have. These standards include hours of operation, restrictions on certain places, user profiles, authorizations, refusals, emergency planning, protocols and everything that a good level of security has, minimizing the impact on the performance of employees and the organization in general.

Computer security is designed to protect the it assets, which include the following:

  • Infrastructure:
     It is a fundamental part for storage and information management, as well as for the very functioning of the organization. The role of information security in this area is ensuring that the equipment is functioning properly and anticipate in case of failures, theft, fire, boycott, natural disasters, failures in the power supply and any other factor that violates the IT infrastructure, to be allow to guarantee at all times the availability, integrity and confidentiality of these it assets
  • Users:
     Are those who make use of the IT infrastructure, communications and to manage the information. The system must be protected in general that use them may not call into question the security of the information, nor that the information handled or stored is vulnerable. The formation and proper education of these is fundamental to ensure computer security
  • Information:
    It is the main asset and is vital to constantly maintain its availability, integrity and confidentiality. It uses and resides in the IT infrastructure and is employed by the users.