In a socio-economic context in which information and knowledge are basic pillars of the organizations, the security of computer networks, internal or external, and consequently the protection of those assets, has become a vital necessity. In this sense, the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the data handling organizations (clients, suppliers, research + development + innovation, expertise, technical and commercial specifications, etc.) are increasingly more relevant elements when implementing actions of any kind.

Deusto Sistemas offers two types of audits:

  • Internal audit: is that which is done in-house, without hiring people or computer resources.
  • External audit: is that is done outside the company, without having a thorough knowledge of the company or their systems.

Audit consists mainly of study the mechanisms of control that are implanted in a company or organization, determining if they are appropriate and meet certain objectives or strategies, establishing the changes that should be made to achieve them. Control mechanisms can be directors, preventive, detection, corrective or recovery to a contingency.

We also have consultants who can help you in Software Asset Management procedures, audits of LPI compliance, advice on the ownership of software cost savings, licensing by subscription and products in Cloud savings.

Ask us about specific Microsoft programs for Government, Education and nonprofit Organizations.

Deusto Sistemas offers computer audit services, where are collected, grouped and evaluated evidence to determine if the information systems properly safeguard corporate assets, checking:

  • Maintaining the availability, integrity and confidentiality of all your information correctly.
  • They carry out effectively the purposes of the Organization.
  • They efficiently use the resources at its disposal.
  • Comply with current regulations and laws,