Deusto Sistemas S.A. has a team of Senior consultants specialized in BMC Software tools with extensive experience in projects of great importance following the methodology of Process Management, ITIL highlighting:

Implementations and migrations to the most current versions of solutions for the management of the service (ITSM) as Remedy ITSM solutions for Configuration Management of the CMDB as the BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependecy Mappping (ADDM), as well as Reporting tools such as BMC Analytics for Business Service Management and BMC DashBoards for BSM for it management through ITIL-based best practices and KPI metrics.

With all this, Deusto Sistemas S.A. offers all the guarantees of success as well as customer satisfaction.

Monitoring and event management

Proper monitoring and event management will lead to a gradual decrease in incidents in our infrastructure and will benefit the overall quality of IT services, increasing productivity in addition.

From Deusto Sistemas S.A. and as a Partner Premier of BMC Software in Spain are offered services of salesconsulting, implementation and maintenance of BMC solutions. In this aspect include specialized tools such as BMC ProactiveNet Performance Manager monitoring and management of events such as BMC Event Manager, solutions allow anticipate and proactively detect events and situations that may arise within the Organization and be managed effectively.

Deusto Sistemas S.A. has extensive experience in project implementation and migration both support and maintenance, thereby providing guarantees of quality and success.

Batch processes planning (or tasks)

The Processes Batch planning or batch has a great importance in all large organizations so it is necessary that they are more efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and able to meet at all times the requirements of the company as well as changes in technology.

Poor management of scheduling tasks entails an increase of costs of software and human resources, as well as an increase in the likelihood of non-compliance with service levels.

We specialize in BMC Control-M Workload Automation, the leading solution on the market that meets the needs of management, automation, and workflow monitoring cross-platform and integration of multiple applications, trying to join in batch jobs and processes in real time in a single stream of work scheduled.

Process Management offers not only economic benefits when using people and products, but it will also ensure that they are to be used efficiently.

In this aspect and to offer the best, Deusto Sistemas S.A. is Premiere Partner of BMC Software in Spain offering services for sale, consulting, implementation, migration and maintenance of BMC solutions, which guarantee the level of knowledge of their resources.