The main objective of a Software Management Technical Office is to ensure the Evolution of the Information Systems of the organization and provide a greater capacity for control, monitoring, quality assurance and release of new systems as well.

A Technical Office gives constant support to the organization to:

  • Support the Organization continuously change to technological, process and cultural level caused by the Plan of Projects throughout their execution.
  • Ensure the correct integration of the projects of the plan, as well as with the rest of the initiatives set out in the organization, using any framework of own reference or good practice or the market.
  • Ensure the success of the initiative through a coordination, monitoring and constant adaptation of the Project Plan of Management of Software to the needs and changing requirements of the Organization, through the identification and definition of the projects of the plan and its release for its realization by third parties providing support during their implementation.
  • Analyze and validate the products generated by the projects of the plan, in order to verify that they meet the established requirements. Ensure that the quality of them is appropriate and properly integrated into the organization, ensuring a homogeneous results between different providers who participate in the same.