We offer you to be your technological consultant and guide you in the search and selection of such projects. We differentiate 3 levels of advice:


  • Analysis of design of relational behaviour required by the customer, which will include your technician-operators requirements, as well as the basic and projected scenarios of interaction with effective and potential customers.
  • Panoramic benchmarking (comparative critical evaluation) of solutions on the actual market that adhere to the framework of the customer’s needs.
  • Dimensioning of solutions, individual and combined, and establishment of stagnant phases of purchase, implementation and deployment.
  • Final recommendations.

Selection process

  • Analysis of forces in collision in the implementation and evolution of bounded solutions.
  • Establishment of weighted criteria of decision-making and filtering solutions.
  • (Demonstrations, sectoral specific revisions) operational review of interfaces and functionalities of the filtered solutions.
  • Estimate of costs of implementation phases of the filtered solutions.
  • Specific recommendation of product and process of implementation.

Final selection and pre-implantation

  • Negotiation with suppliers.
  • Determination of the planning of the acquisition, implementation, development and deployment of the solution, with critical points and specific frameworks for evaluation and monitoring of the entire process.
  • Review (and, where appropriate, modification) of contractual schemes associated with the solution to be implemented.
  • Critical recommendations on the integration of the solution, deployment and projection, with current customer information systems.