Integration of IT and communications: managing complex projects, involving the integration of products and IT services and communications.

We dispose the best technical alternatives, according to your needs, adapting the capabilities of project management.

Our main goal is to achieve a high level of success and satisfaction of our clients with each project. All these features allow us to deliver a project “turnkey” to our customers.


Computer security ensures that the system of an organization’s information resources are used in the proper way according to your security policies.


Virtualization forms an important part of the technology business strategy. It is the abstraction of resources from one machine, thanks to which it is possible to give a better use of them.

Advantages of virtualization

Virtualization can be a productivity tool for current and future IT systems.

  • Simplification of wiring and electronics of SAN and LAN.
  • Greater use of hardware resources.
  • Responsible energy consumption with implications for greater respect for the environment.
  • Optimization of consumption of air conditioning systems.
  • Greater flexibility before server disaster recovery.
  • Greater continuity of service.
  • Reduction of physical space occupied.
  • Reduction of costs in the implementation of recovery plans disaster

Hardware and Software Maintenance

Ofrecemos asistencia integral informática para que el cliente se despreocupe de cualquier eventualidad informática.

We offer comprehensive assistance to customer and we anticipate the problems thanks to our proactive maintenance systems, Hardware and Software maintenance.

Our Systems Engineering Department is the answer to any needs of our clients:

  • Computer Security and communications.
  • Customized integration of systems.
  • Virtualization of any information structure.
  • Maintenance of hardware and software.

We offer any customized solution required by the client. For this purpose Deusto Seidor has highly qualified professionals with main certifications from leading software and hardware manufacturers